Yes, we can do edge treatments such as "rippled", "spiral cut" or "corded" on one or both sides.  Coins arrive individually packaged in heavy plastic envelopes to insure no damage is done in transit.

Our Coins can be produced in any size or shape.  They can be solid or "cut out".  They can also be done in any finish you wish.  

We offer any type of Challenge Coin you may be interested in.  As with our other products, you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive our price quote.  Maybe that's why we are the fastest growing Challenge Coin supplier in the Country! 

Challenge Coins

We produce Challenge Coins for every branch of the US Military and, as you can see, even the Pentagon!  So you can be comfortable that our Coins are of the highest quality.  

We are happy to help you with the design of your coin with no obligation on your part.  If you have existing artwork or logos, emailing them will streamline the process.  

To get a price quote (or for answers to any question you may have) just 



       Call:  619-303-2876    (7 days a week)

I'll need to know what size coin you want and what quantity.  

We look forward to hearing from you!