Q:  Do you accept all forms of payment?

A:  Yes.  We accept checks, money orders, credit cards and Paypal.  

Q:  I have an idea of the design I want, but I need some help finishing it.  Can you do that?

A:  Yes.  We will be happy to help you with your design at no additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What's the minimum quantity I can order?

A:  It depends upon the product.  The minimum order for custom lapel pins is 100 pins.  The reason for this is that the mold produces 100 pins, so it's not feasible to sell you less than that.  The minimum order for most patches is 50.  However, large back patches can be ordered in smaller quantities.  Keep in mind that the unit price always drops as you increase the quantity ordered.  So you always want to ask where the next price break is and consider ordering more if you can use them.


Q:  How long does it take to get my order?

A:  Typically, pin and patch orders arrive at your door about three weeks from the day you place your order.  If your order will take longer than that, we will make you aware of it before you place your order.  "Rush Orders" are available for an additional fee.