Die Struck

Can be finished in any "metallic" finish including gold, antique gold, silver, antique silver, copper, antique copper, etc.

Long considered the "Cadillac" of pins, Hard Enamel pins are highly finished and very hard.  Virtually indestructible and very professional looking.   

Hard Enamel (Cloisene)

Printed pins allow for perfect reproduction of detailed artwork as well as "shading".  Quite inexpensive at higher quantity levels

Very nice looking pins but not quite as smooth and shiny as Hard Enamel pins.  They are "fired" at a lower temperature allowing for use of a black coated base metal where appropriate

We can produce a design for you or use your design or any combination of the two.  Just give us a call (or email), tell us what you have in mind and we'[l take it from there.  We'll do a "rough" design for you at no obligation.  Once you place your order, you'll receive  a final proof to insure everything is just right!  Pins are packaged individually in plastic bags.  We also offer special packaging if you wish.

Pin Types

Custom Lapel Pins


There are three basic categories of pins, Enamel, Die Struck and Offset Printed.  Enamel pins are made by stamping the design into the metal, then filling the depressions with color.  Die Struck pins are similar, but without color.  Offset Printed pins are made by printing the art directly onto the metal, then coating it with a thin coat of epoxy.   Here are samples of each along with explanations of their differences.

Soft Enamel / Steel Enamel

Offset Printing

​​We can produce any type, size, style and quantity of Custom Lapel Pins that you require.  Feel free to call (619-303-2876) or email (pinz711@aol.com) 7 days a week for immediate help.  You can also learn more about the different options available by reviewing the information below.  If you'd like a quick price quote, call (619-303-2876) or email us (pinz711@aol.com) with the type of pin you'd like, the quantity and the size.  We'll get right back to you.